I suppose Caitlin Flanagan might like some aloe for that BURN.

Folks, this is not a vicious negative review. Blogger Allison Dayle is gentle as a pussycat compared to Irin Carmon at Slate, reviewing Girl Land by Caitlin Flanagan:

Of the many questions formed while reading Caitlin Flanagan’s “Girl Land,” most pressing is why it was written at all.

That’s just the very beginning.

But this is not a memoir, or it rarely is, and it’s not clear why. After all, a memoir might conveniently free Flanagan from one of her fiercest hostilities — her resistance to empirical data or any evidence at all.

Fellow writers, THAT is what it looks like when a reviewer trashes your work. Granted, Carmon is reviewing non-fiction, which makes her criticism quite a different animal from Dayle’s unimpressed reaction to Halpern’s book. But still. You want to talk about “DISCOURAGING PEOPLE FROM READING” a given book? Carmon will show you how it’s done.