“They just picked on the wrong guy this time.”

Todd Stave, son of an abortion provider and landlord to Dr. Carhart’s clinic in Germantown, draws the line at anti-choice crazies showing up at his daughter’s middle school:

Rather than be intimidated or back down from this bullying, Stave chose to give anti-choicers a taste of their own medicine. He started taking down the names and phone numbers of the people who called him in protest and had volunteers call those people back to “thank them for their thoughts and tell them, ‘No, he will not be shutting Dr. Carhart down,'” Rachel Maddow reported last night. (Legally, he couldn’t do that even if he wanted to.) Stave also set up a website that responds to anti-abortion protesters and offers resources for victims of their bullying.

Watch the video of his appearance with Rachel Maddow. This is what courage looks like.