Friday Fuckery

Via Robin Marty, this is just a little bit too appropriate:

The mother of a three-year old named Paisley, who made shock waves across the Internet this week for donning a Pretty Woman-inspired prostitute outfit during a promo for Toddlers & Tiaras, says she will donate the scandalous get-up in question…

… to Georgia Right to Life, an anti-abortion organization Dickey refers to as “Paisley’s charity.” The group states its mission as “protecting innocent life from fertilization until natural death.”

Nothing says “protect innocent life” like a toddler-sized hooker costume. Nothing promotes the joy and power of motherhood quite like parading a 3-year-old on stage in said hooker costume. Dare I even ask why Georgia Right to Life is “Paisley’s charity” according to her mother? Were they the ones who successfully talked Wendy Dickey out of aborting the embryo which later became Paisley? And is Georgia Right to Life going to take the hooker costume and auction it off for money to keep on bullying women into having more babies?
One might be forgiven for getting the impression that anti-choicers have dysfunctional attitudes about female sexuality, children, and especially female children. Just think: in about another nine years (or as few as six!), she’ll be old enough to impregnate.