Heather Corinna fields this gem at RHRC:

I’m in an on again-off again type relationship with my “girlfriend.” We get along and everything, but on some things we don’t see eye to eye. We’ve had sex before, and that’s kind of the problem. She keeps pressuring me into having sex! You don’t really hear it this way with guys, but it’s the truth. She knows what she wants, and she wants it now! It’s not that I don’t want to have sex with her, or that I don’t LIKE having sex with her, but sometimes I just enjoy romance. Or just hanging out. Sex isn’t everything. And another thing: she want’s a baby! She’s nineteen, and I’m eighteen. I’ve reminded her that neither of us drive or have jobs. I just graduated high school (at the time I was still IN school) but still, I can’t change her mind. So I don’t really know what to say. How can i get through to her that sex isn’t everything, and that we’re definitely not ready for a baby?

And then she takes a whole lot of words to say what can be ultimately boiled down to just a few. At the risk of using sexist language?


You don’t need to “get through to her” that sex isn’t everything, or that you’re not ready for a kid. You just need to get the hell away from her before she has another chance to get your cum inside her. You can use condoms, but they can be sabotaged, and if she is determined to conceive a child, she will do so. You can’t stop her from being a terrible parent to some other guy’s issue, but you can stop her from forcing YOU into premature fatherhood. Get out of there and get on with your 18-year-old life. Don’t explain, don’t apologize, don’t look back.

One thought on “DTCAB

  1. I just love that there are two words with hyperlinked definitions: “relationship” and “sex.” (“Ree-lay-shun-ship? What is this thing you speak of?”)

    And yeah, poor sap needs to bail out before his life gets ruined tout de suite. An unemployed 19-year-old with a burning desire to breed is not the ideal relationship partner, doubly so if she’s not open to dialogue on the issue. And like you said, if she’s that driven, dirty tricks are not out of the question, so stop hitting that.

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