Why are you reaching out to bullied gay teens when there are women who are NOT HAVING BABIES?

Truthwinsout shows us this…fascinating letter from one Stephen M. King, professor of Public Policy at Southeastern University, who has something to say about gay teens committing suicide due to bullying:

Sue Carlton of the St. Petersburg Times lauded (op-ed column, Aug. 17) the community responsibility ethic of some of the Tampa Bay Rays’ players, and some fans, who made a video. The effort is titled “It Gets Better,” and is aimed at bringing attention to the abuse and bullying endured by teenagers who practice homosexuality and lesbianism.

While I applaud the Rays’ players, front office and fans for bringing to the public’s attention the ever-increasing use of bullying in today’s public school system, and for their encouragement of the bullied teenagers to stay encouraged because “the world gets bigger and more accepting,” I do not agree with their efforts to highlight only a fraction of students who are bullied.

“Who practice homosexuality and lesbianism”? That right there is a signal that some serious wingnuttery is on its way. Homosexuality AND lesbianism? Here I thought the latter was a subset of the former! We won’t even get into the assumptions behind the idea of what these students “practice.” (I have no doubt Prof. King likes to rant about the “homosexual lifestyle.”)

But even with that going on, one might suspect, based on those two paragraphs, that the professor might have something of value to say about teen bullying. Does he want to see more of a conversation on bullying in general? Does he want to see more attention given to the plight of students who are bullied for their appearance, income bracket, race, national origin (whether perceived or actual), religion, or some other failure to conform? That would be great! I am all in favor of seeing more discussion of childhood and teen bullying in general!

So, what does Prof. King have to say next? If you enjoy embryo-worshipping wingnuttery, let’s just say: It Gets Better. Oh, it gets SO much better.

Why does the Rays’ organization, and other professional sports’ organizations and players, for that matter, want to bring attention to the bullying of teenagers who practice homosexuality and lesbianism? Because it is the chic and politically correct thing to do.

Would the Rays or other sports organizations, or other professional sports figures for that matter, come out strongly and enthusiastically for making a video for the protection of unborn life? Would they come out and make a passionate plea for protecting the natural right to life, to bring the public’s attention to infanticide? No, I strongly doubt they would.

Protecting life, or even advocating for the protection of life, such as former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow has done, is not politically correct.

He starts out talking about bullying of gay teens (wait, I’m sorry: “teenagers who practice homosexuality and lesbianism”), and then goes to unborn life.

I wonder what exactly he means by “protecting life,” as distinct from “advocating for the protection of life”? If “advocating” means exhorting women to continue their unwanted pregnancies no matter how untenable, then how exactly does he picture “protecting life”? What kind of scenario does he have in mind? Is he asking for the Rays to kidnap pregnant women who are planning abortions and hold them prisoner until they give birth?

Anyway, that’s just an issue of semantics, and this guy isn’t exactly coherent when it comes to wording. When we’re on the topic of “unborn life,” what is the relevance of infanticide? I wasn’t aware that it was legal to commit homicide on already-born infants. No, I suppose he is referring to abortion, which makes sense if you assume that an embryo that’s barely visible on an ultrasound screen is technically the same thing as a newborn that can be placed in a foster home.

The overriding flavor of awesome going on in Prof. King’s letter, though, is that he has absolutely nothing to say about teen bullying outside of LGBT students. No, he sees a media campaign that’s focused on supporting gay teens being driven to suicide by homophobic bullying, and his reaction is, “WON’T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE POOR FORGOTTEN FETUSES!” For heaven’s sake, why can’t we be more like Tim Tebow?!

It really makes me wonder what Prof. King’s inner life is like. Does every social cause remind him of the evils of reproductive freedom?

“Save the whales!”


“Support women’s education in Afghanistan!”


“Food security in Africa!”


In all seriousness, I should probably feel bad about pointing and laughing at a guy who isn’t exactly the picture of well-balanced mental health. So I’ll stop here, and point out just one last thing: if the anti-choice movement isn’t “politically correct,” it’s probably because they like to pull shit like this. Just a thought.