For a “certified genius” he sure is an unimpressive troll.

Y’all have heard about Scott Adams becoming the latest to join the ranks of famous sockpuppeteers, right? Right.

So, with that in mind, I have a little advice for Mr. Adams.

First of all, dude: stop digging.

No one is taking you seriously now, and the way you’re trying to defend yourself is not helping. (Unless, if by “helping” you mean “assisting your race to the bottom.”)

Now, I’m sure that whatever I say won’t mean anything, seeing how I’m a) a nobody and b) female, but why the hell not?

Scott Adams, you have rapidly and single-handedly (though not intentionally) turned the phrase “certified genius” into a punchline. No, sir, we are not laughing with you; we are laughing at you.

At this point, whenever we see someone rushing up the hill to apologize for your behavior, we will assume it’s one of your socks. Your credibility at this point is nonexistent. It doesn’t help that you’re not even a very diligent puppeteer. You attached “PlannedChaos” to your own PayPal account? Dude, that’s pathetic.

If you really want to take over the world using online aliases, there are two things you need to keep in mind: a) Protect your privacy. Create different email accounts, or whatever it takes to cast a credible illusion that these people who exist solely to sing your praises are separate individuals. No, the voices in your head don’t count. b) Make it interesting. Anyone can make socks to be yes-men. You really want to put the blogosphere at sixes and sevens? Cast those socks as your enemies.

And now, for a little filk which recently appeared in my Twitter stream:

Old Scott Adams has a sock,

Ha ha ha ha Ho!

And through that sock he is a troll,

Ha ha ha ha Ho!

With a troll troll here,

and a troll troll there!

Here a troll,

there a troll,

everywhere a troll troll!

Old Scott Adams has a sock,

Ha ha ha ha Ho!