They’re teaching your kids not to be bigots!

Politifact brings us the news that NOM’s frothing over public schools “teaching gay marriage” to kindergarteners is, big surprise, a load of bullshit:

We contacted Christopher C. Plante, executive director of the Rhode Island chapter of NOM, who told us that many schools in Massachusetts — where same-sex marriage has been legal since 2004 — have books on the subject in their libraries.The “poster child,” he said, is a picture book called  “King & King,” by Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland.

The book tells the story of a queen who decided it was time for her son, the prince, to marry. He rejects every princess she offers. Finally the last candidate enters, and the prince feels “a stir in his heart.” But it was for the princess’s brother, Prince Lee.

The two marry, and the book says “everyone lives happily ever after.” On the last page, the two princes kiss, with a red heart covering their mouths.

The book “glorifies the idea that it’s perfectly OK to have same-sex marriage,” said Plante. And he said the courts have ruled that the educational system has a duty to “normalize” same-sex marriage for grades as low as kindergarten.

Asked for examples of where the book is taught to kindergartners, Plante offered just one location, Lexington, Mass., where it became an issue in 2006.

That year, two couples — David and Tonia Parker and Robert and Robin Wirthlin — filed a federal lawsuit against Lexington school officials. The suit alleged that the Parkers’ son was given a book in kindergarten that depicts various forms of families, including one with parents of the same gender. And, the suit said, when the Wirthlins’ son was in first grade, he was read another book,  “King & King,” in school.

The parents said they have religious beliefs that homosexuality is immoral and that marriage is  a holy union only of a man and a woman. They alleged school officials were attempting to indoctrinate their children with the belief that same sex marriages are moral.

In 2007, The U.S. District Court in Massachusetts dismissed the parents’ claims, finding that parents don’t have the right to restrict what a public school may teach their children, even if the teachings contradict the parents’ religious beliefs.

First, try as they might, Politifact couldn’t find any incidences of schools teaching little kids about gay marriage aside from, like, one school in 2006 where kindergarten teachers (or maybe just one teacher?) showed this storybook to the kids. It isn’t the new big thing in Massachusetts to have schoolteachers instruct impressionable children on the joys of gay and lesbian love. Schoolteachers in Massachusetts have far bigger fish to fry.

Second, is this their idea of the LGBT lobby using the power of the school system to corrupt the innocent helpless minds of God-fearing children? Really? A storybook where two princes fall in love and marry? They’re suing the school system over that?

The “real consequence” of marriage equality is that same-sex relationships will become more accepted, there will be more open discussion about different formations of family, and it will become increasingly difficult for bigoted parents to pass their prejudices on to their children. That’s what folks like the Parkers and the Wirthlins are really afraid of: that their bigotry will become increasingly unpopular. And on that much, they’re absolutely right. By the end of this century, our grandkids will look back on this debate and marvel that anyone could possibly think this way.