Afshan Azad’s brother still an idiot, film at 11

Ashraf Azad, dumbassed older brother of the lovely Afshan Azad (aka Padma Patil in Harry Potter), has been sentenced to six months in jail for trying to kill her.

“The background to this offence lies in the concern that you, and perhaps other family members, had about Afshan’s relationship with a young man who was not of the Islamic faith.”

He added: “This is a sentence that is designed to punish you for what you did and also to send out a clear message to others that domestic violence involving circumstances such as have arisen here cannot be tolerated.”

IOW: the judge is having none of that “this is just our culture” nonsense.

I stand by my opinion that this family was colossally stupid to treat their daughter this way after she got her face on movie screens all over the world. It’s not quite as simple as the whole family turning on Afshan; Ashraf’s wife, Sonia, tried to get him to stop attacking his sister. She seems to be the only one still in that house with sense; their father suggested sending his daughter to Bangladesh for a forced marriage, their mother called her a prostitute. And now their names are in the news for all the world to see because the daughter they threatened and attacked is a famous film actress.

For her part, Afshan was bright enough to get the hell out of that house and move to London. But all that said, it shouldn’t really be surprising that she’s now asking the courts not to punish her brother. This is the only family she’s ever known, and she loves them. Besides, if this is how they treat her for dating a Hindu guy, just imagine how they’ll blame and shame her if her brother goes to prison “because of her.” It’s one thing to “know” your family’s attitude is bullshit and you shouldn’t have to live like this, and it’s quite another to cut ties and risk never speaking to them again. Perhaps she’s afraid the situation will escalate; that Ashraf will track her down after he finishes his jail term and attempt to kill her again if she doesn’t make a show of defending him. Somehow I suspect that her sticking up for him will only placate him temporarily, if at all. But those of us looking in have the privilege of not having grown up with that family. It’s easy enough for us to say that her brother’s a monster who forfeited her loyalty when he tried to strangle her, but it’s not so simple for her.