Things which suck, and things which do not suck

DADT was finally repealed, which is awesome, but the DREAM act and the child marriage prevention bill were defeated. The latter especially shows a lot of Congressional Rethugs to be creeps. Might be used to fund abortion? Really? Could be used to usurp pro-life laws? REALLY?!

It’s the kind of attitude that makes me want to donate to groups that really DO provide abortion services in developing countries.

I probably should care about Wikileaks, but everyone is talking about Julian Assange so much that I don’t want to hear about it anymore.

There will be a lunar eclipse tonight. If I stay up to see it, I will be miserable tomorrow, but seeing how I feel today after a reasonable amount of sleep, I probably don’t have much to lose.

One of my friends on Livejournal pointed to a non-profit offering assistance to battered women. The non-profit is called “A Woman’s Place.” Really?! You start a non-profit to help battered women, and you call it THAT?

I’m also hearing about a Serbian dude who got so drunk while on vacation in Egypt that he jumped in the water and landed on a shark’s head. He’s in the news because, instead of getting eaten, he ended up killing the shark. File this under D for “Don’t try this at home, guys.”

I spent the weekend trying to bully my brain into complying with an attempt to write a synopsis for Charlinder. The brain demands more alcohol.