There are some women who really like being oppressed.

To the ridiculous person who pathetically attempted to come onto Mark Wahlberg, Sadie Stein at Jezebel urges:

Young beauty, whoever you are: you are better than this. You shouldn’t be defining yourself in relationship to the nearest man, and you shouldn’t buy into a world that pits “mistresses” archaically against wives. We hope that seeing this item will serve as a wake-up call. You’re not “the single girl” — you’re a person! A person with opinions and history, and value. You deserve to be not just in the VIP section, but in the VIP section of life!

I disagree. This “single girl” is a moron. She likes this world of pitting mistresses against wives. She likes the idea of being the mistress to a famous, married man. Opinions are like belly buttons: everyone has them. Most are not very interesting. (Yes I am aware of the bar I have just set for myself with that assertion.) Seeing this item will show her that she is getting the attention she craves. The best thing (where the rest of us are concerned) to do with women like this is allow them to remain invisible.

If Mark Wahlberg shouldn’t be given credit for rightly turning this idiot down flat, then no energy should be wasted on encouraging the idiot to realize her potential. There are ways in which the patriarchy benefits a small number of women. Feminism needs to keep in mind that many women are perfectly happy to reap those benefits. It doesn’t mean they’re being duped, or that feminism needs to rescue them from themselves. Sometimes, they know exactly what they’re doing. They are part of the problem.