How Your Blogger Spent Her Weekend

So that you all can see how weird I am, here are my Facebook updates relating to my moving house. I have reversed the chronological order so that you see them from earliest to latest.


I suspected the house’s security system would be an issue for me as the new tenant with limited info, AND I WAS RIGHT.


First trip today: 1 secretary, 1 set bookshelves, 1 kitchen table, 1 end table, 2 chests of drawers!

Second trip: sofa bed! (it’s a large and cumbersome piece of furniture)

3rd trip: kitchen stuff, computer stuff, 3 boxes assorted junk, comic books, 4 folding chairs, AND A SPINNING WHEEL.

Fun with furniture assembly! The sofa bed: easy peasy! The kitchen table: pain in my ass!

I have shown the kitchen table who’s boss, hooked up the TV, and set up the computer. Next obstacle: internet access.

So, yeah, there’s that. Don’t be surprised if I continue to be quiet on the weekends for the near future.