Fictional Characters Are Kidnapping Your Blogger

Salutations, dear readers!

This is Alyson’s cousin, Butterfly McPhee, poking my head in here to keep you appraised as to my cousin’s whereabouts.

Alyson gave me a call to say that this weekend is a strict Nothing But Author Duties Zone. From this evening after dinner, to Sunday night, her attention is devoted to Charlinder, and nothing else gets a piece of her time.

She tells me there will be chocolate and booze, her waistline and liver be damned. I will not try to stand in her way.

WHICH MEANS THAT if y’all see her face in here during that time, to say anything except “look at this clever little bit of prose I put together!” then she is a Bad Monster and needs to face the consequences of her actions. Twitter, same thing. Not a peep from my cousin, except on that damn book she’s trying to smack into shape.