More on vagina-gazing

Jen McCreight takes on the non-troversy of the Orchid Project:

D’Arcy beats her fists on the floor:

This is one of many occasions where I have found the liberal body at Dartmouth to completely violate those principles that it purports to advance: respect and freedom. Regardless of the offensiveness of the message, if the Orchid Project’s main goal was to encourage consideration, what possessed them of the idea that a direct attack on all faiths was the way to do that?

“Respect” and “freedom” here mean: don’t you dare say anything less than overwhelmingly positive about my religious beliefs!

McCreight points out:

I can’t even conceive how someone can read that initial statement to mean that all religious beliefs are completely wrong, unless they’re trying to play the victim. And then turn around and presume to speak for every religious person at Dartmouth. And then go and condemn “acting on this knowledge in a sexual fashion,” thus proving the initial point that some religious beliefs can lead to sex-negative beliefs.

A sex-negative, religion-dependent conservative, trying to play the victim? I am shocked, I tell you. Simply shocked.