X-Factor and Bisexual Erasure

I am referring here to the X-Factor monthly comic book from Marvel, not the TV show.

Spoiler alert!

First off, I call shenanigans on Rahne with her “I wasn’t with anyone else seven months ago” non-answer. It’s been a lot longer than seven months since she saw him. If he’d knocked her up, she would have delivered by now. Think we can’t do math, PAD?

It is an excellent appropriation of a storyline from another series for lulzy soap opera purposes, but Rictor should be able to count up his months better than that.

Anyway. Cracktastic paternity plots aside. I definitely enjoy the way Peter David is handling the Rictor/Shatterstar relationship. We see Guido and now Rahne engaging in bisexual erasure. They assume, since Rictor has slept with women in the past, he can’t be involved with a man. Rictor, obviously, disagrees. I appreciate that the erasure tendency is acknowledged.

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