I fully agree! In fact, all Tea Partiers visiting DC should not only avoid the eastern wing of the Dread Line, they should stay the hell off for all points east of Adams Morgan; I get off at Farragut North and my brother’s about to start working near DuPont Circle. I like to drop by Union Station on occasion and I don’t want you lot clogging it up. It’s already crowded enough from the non-offensive population of travelers using the Amtrak station.

Also, ABSOLUTELY do not use the Green/Yellow lines! That is MY stomping ground and I’ll thank you for staying the fuck out of my way when I go to visit my girlfriend.

In fact, just don’t come to DC at all. We’re all gay here, and we carry dildos wherever we go. Big, floppy, rubber, sparkly hot pink sex toys. It’s a totally all-queer zone. We will recruit your children.

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