We can has handbags and jewels?!

Normally the fashion industry leaves me with mild bemusement at best, but I have to hand it to Bulgari: this is freaking awesome.

Combine the following elements:

  • Luxury handbags and jewels,
  • Beautiful woman wearing nothing but jewels,
  • Chubby, fuzzy, baby lions!,
  • The beautiful woman happens to be nearing 50.

It helps that I just saw Julianne Moore get naked in Chloe last night, and while the movie was obnoxious, it was despite Moore’s performance, not because of it. Moore handled her part very well.

And oh, how I want to frolic with those baby lions!

4 thoughts on “We can has handbags and jewels?!

  1. I want LiLo to play one of the major characters in my fourth novel. Which I haven’t actually started writing yet, but I can totally picture this particular character as played by Lohan. She’d need to be better nourished for the part, but interestingly enough the character does have a narcotic abuse problem.

    Anyway. Julianne Moore is way up there with JK Rowling in “I would be so lucky to look that good in my 40s” types.

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