So, I thought it would be fun to browse PoorlyDressed tonight…

…and this reminded me of something I’ve been thinking for a while:

Fashion Fail - Extreme Ganguro
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What exactly is the point of a Burberry scarf?

It is a boring, uninspired plaid pattern. It looks inoffensive on everyone but attractive on no one. It is a way of announcing to the world, “HEY LOOK, EVERYONE, I’M SOPHISTICATED AND RICH ENOUGH TO BUY SHIT AT BURBERRY!” It’s a way of paying good money for the privilege of giving free advertising space to a high-end clothier. You could get an equally usable, far more individual and attractive scarf at any of most mid-grade department stores for much less money.

I just don’t get it.

(The rest of the pic, however, demands no commentary from me.)

3 thoughts on “So, I thought it would be fun to browse PoorlyDressed tonight…

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