Pope still irrelevant, story at 11

Papa Ratzi has recently visited Portugal and continued to embarrass himself:

Benedict called for initiatives aimed at protecting “the family based on the indissoluble marriage between a man and a woman, help to respond to some of today’s most insidious and dangerous threats to the common good.”He also said he expressed his “deep appreciation for all those social and pastoral initiatives aimed at combating the socioeconomic and cultural mechanisms which lead to abortion, and are openly concerned to defend life and to promote the reconciliation and healing of those harmed by the tragedy of abortion.”

It’s getting to the point where I almost feel sorry for the guy. I want to pat him on the head and tell him, “There there, it’s okay, you can go back to your padded room now.”

The leader of the world’s biggest pedophile ring is still trying to sound the alarum bell at the threats of same-sex marriage, civil divorce, and reproductive freedom.

About those “social and pastoral initiatives aimed at combating the socioeconomic and cultural mechanisms which lead to abortion”? First off, I don’t want to think about what you mean by “cultural” mechanisms (oh noes! Da wimminz are getting ideas, and thinking!), but if you care so much about defending (quantity of) life through social justice, perhaps you should tell your own Church’s charitable arm to stop holding social services hostage in defense of homophobic bigotry.

I suppose that’s too much to ask, though. The RCC is accustomed to teaching its gay members that their sexuality is deviant and the only way to be in good standing with their Lord is to be celibate for life. It is accustomed to having a self-perpetuating population of needy families with hungry children in need of Catholic charity. It is accustomed to using its charities as a proselytizing tool, and using its power over its member families to get away with raping children. The very last thing they want is for countries with substantial Catholic populations to institute policies that allow gays to get married and have normal family lives, allow fertile women to prevent the births of children they can’t feed, and place social services under secular control.

And while we’re at it: Tim Minchin goes there

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