In which I am snowed in:

Unfortunately, being trapped in the house does not help me come up with an interesting blog post.

Here in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast region, we’re getting back-to-back blizzards and cannot go anywhere more interesting than the front yard, and there only with a shovel and rock salt.

If you’re in similar circumstances, then I can only hope your house has reliable electricity. We lost ours for most of Saturday; it sucked. I don’t want to think about what it’s like to be one of those people who’ve been in the dark for days now. Anyway, the point is, if you’re snowed in, but the basic needs of heat, light and food are covered, then now would be a good time to read a book.

This is not a good time to order any print books online, either; we haven’t had mail delivery at my house since Friday. BUT, if you have an ebook reader, then now is a good time to fill that sucker up and hunker down on the couch under a bunch of blankets.

If you don’t have an ebook reader, I don’t recommend going outside even if you do have a good bookstore within what you like to think is walking distance. There’s always the next blizzard, though.

Either way, I wish to recommend a book to read as long as you’re snowed in: Why Is Sex Fun?, by Jared Diamond. Same guy who wrote Guns, Germs and Steel. Here he brings a scientist’s inquisitiveness to the question of human sexuality, as compared to other animals. He explores the possibilities of how differently we could have evolved, and why we ended up the way we did.

If you don’t have an ebook reader, though, then for Pete’s sake, just read something you’ve had waiting on the shelves for a while. I don’t want to hear about anyone slipping on the ice and breaking their neck on the way to Borders.