From the “I have no sympathy” files…

I don’t actually watch any Real Housewives shows so I don’t know the situation, so perhaps I’m not qualified to pass this judgment, but I just can’t imagine what information I might learn that would make me sympathize: if I were a rich housewife whose only income-generating work was making pretty bangles at home, I would be freaking embarrassed to be caught on national TV saying “it’s freaking hard to live in Orange County!”

Perhaps you’d like a trip to Appalachia some time? Or maybe south central LA? How about rural Alaska? Small-town Indiana? Hell, I’ll show you the chicken factory in Salisbury, Maryland and then we’ll talk about how tough you have it! And that’s only in the US; come take a gander at Albania–which, as the developing world goes, is pretty cushy.

In the words of Angie Tempura: “Biiiiiiitch, pl-ease!”