Another for the “people suck” files.

Oh, please tell me you’re joking, Pittsburg plainclothes cops.

18-year-old arrested, beaten for being black after dark “resisting arrest.”

They say he was “standing against the building as though trying to be avoid being seen.” Is trying to avoid drawing attention to yourself a crime now? With the way cops are known to treat young black guys, trying to be inconspicuous was probably the most sensible way for Jordan Miles to handle himself. Now even that will get your ass beaten down? Shit. Great way to contribute to race relations, officers!

(I snatched the link from Ta-Nehisi Coates.)

1 thought on “Another for the “people suck” files.

  1. In the account the journalist gave, it certainly is easy to say that the officers were wrong. However, the complaint of racial profiling is ridiculous. It works. There’s other types of profiling that they use to; dress profiling, to name one. No matter what race you are… if you look like a thug, you’ll be treated like one by police officers.

    Now, again, from what was said of this event, the officers were in the wrong but, I’ve come not to trust the media fully on these types of stories, or any. There may be part of this story that’s missing or isn’t being told truthfully. I just wanted to address that racial profiling is not, in itself, wrong. What’s amusing is that there are more occurrences of racial profiling and violence against people of their own race than there is any other way at this point (I don’t have the statistics on hand so you might want to find some). Case in point: I had a classmate who was stopped by a group of Mexican officers and one white officer. Guess who beat the crap out of him and took him to jail? Yeah, the Mexican officers did. The white officer did nothing.

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