Will you look at that; I just started me a real, grown-up blog! Actual content is forthcoming; I just found an article today on which I really want to write.

But for the moment, I’ll introduce myself for anyone who stumbles across the link: Hi, everyone, I’m Alyson, a late-20something opinion-monger forced to commute to downtown DC for her day job. I frequently grumble about the annoyances of using mass transit, but don’t let it fool you: I like getting to and from work without my car. In fact I like to grumble about a lot of things people do that annoy me. Those posts will be tagged as “etiquette,” as if I have any right to talk.

My interests are diverse and opinions are myriad. Things to know about me, as they’re likely to show up here, include but are not limited to: I’m a grammar geek, I like to knit, crochet, needle-felt and make toiletries from scratch, I’m a pro-choice feminist, a godless heathen and science groupie, pro-marriage equality, bisexual and involved in online dating, I taught English in Albania with the Peace Corps, and I like cute furry animals. (Though I do promise to keep the LOLcat language to a bare Spartan minimum.)

2 thoughts on “O HAI!

  1. Alyson,

    Thanks for visiting The New Humanism blog. I see you are pro-choice, so I guess you were quoting anti-abortion types with an irony that escaped me when I replied to your comment on our blog.

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