We’re headed for a Riverlands Reunion!

Hey, no big deal, just that Winter is Coming ran a piece with my name on it.

So far, a theme common to all these journeys is that most of the characters are not native to the Riverlands. Arya is from the North, Tywin and his knights are from the Westerlands, Hot Pie and Gendry are from the Crownlands (King’s Landing), and Jaqen H’Ghar is from Braavos. This is a vital feature of the Riverlands: everyone else in the realm has to travel through it, and everyone has business to conduct there, but when that business is finished, the rest of the realm does not stay long enough to clean up the mess.

Go read more of The Riverlands: Heartland of Westeros. See if you can tell where I am the biggest goddamn troll in the Game of Thrones community.


Game of Anticipation: Winterfell!

I’m gonna put this pic of Sam and Gilly here because I can’t fit it anywhere else.


We see Sam, and Gilly, in what looks like the hold of a ship. We don’t see Baby Sam.

Sam looks like he’s about to blow chunks. Gilly looks unamused. That, or he’s talking to someone who’s just out of view. Gilly still looks unamused.

Below I have pics of Sansa and Theon. See, I told you they survived the jump.

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Game of Anticipation: the Boltons are still alive.


Roose looks mildly surprised. Ramsay is just there.

They’re indoors, they’re together…I’m not getting anything from Ramsay. This could be the part where someone tells them about Sansa and Theon escaping the castle, or it could be nothing special.


Ramsay passes for a normal person for a few seconds.

Winterfell courtyard, snow’s falling again. I like to think he’s interrogating someone he just tied up to the cross and is about to flay, but there’s no expression there.

Game of Anticipation: the Greyjoys still exist.

They let this guy take up space in their photo blitz.


Balon looks about the same as he did at the end of Season 3.

Yeah, so, Balon is still alive and we’ll have to deal with him before he mysteriously falls off a bridge.


Yara is not amused.

Now this chick, I can get behind. She’s thinking: Oh, fuck, I am surrounded by assholes and I will have to deal with this situation. Can’t rely on anyone to do anything right.

There are a lot of characters and there’s only so much space available in any publicity release, and I can think of so many more engaging characters who didn’t appear in this photo set, while Balon Greyjoy did.

Game of Anticipation: Lannisters at King’s Landing

I tend to think these new photos are what we’re getting in lieu of a trailer, so with that in mind, I will enjoy the fuck out of them.


There’s a golden shroud over the body behind him.

This should answer anyone who was thinking maybe Myrcella wasn’t really dead. At this point Jaime’s thinking about what it’ll be like to present their daughter’s dead body to his sister. Only he doesn’t know just how complicated it’ll be.

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